Volume/Folder: Japanese American Citizens League, Support for Redress from ACLU, ADL, Archdiocese of Philadelphia: Correspondence, Newsletters, Notes

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Record Number: 5275
Collection: Sumiko Kobayashi papers [MSS073]
Box/Case: 16
Folder: 2
Author: Kobayashi, Sumiko, Born, Ira B., Dickstein, Leslie R., Coleman, Gloria
Date of Original: 1985 - 1986
Original Format: Typescript
Image description: Letter from Anti-Defamation League to Senator Arlen Specter. Letter from Ira "Bob" Born to Senator John Heinz and Sumi Kobayashi. Correspondence between Ira Born and Sumi Kobayashi. Letters from Sister Gloria Coleman and Sumi Kobayashi and to Senator Arlen Specter. Letters from Sumi Kobayashi to Robert Horwitz at the Anti-Defamation League (letter 1 is three pages: image _1252 is p. 1, image _2253 is p. 2, image _3254 is p. 3).