Item: Mary Frances Paschall, aged 12

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Record Number: 5615
Box Number: 2A
Folder Number: 111
Reproduction restrictions: None
Depicts: Paschall, Mary Frances
Was donated by: Paschall, Anne
Image description: Image: 1/6 plate; Girl seated at posing table wearing long sleeved dress and dark wrist bands (likely ribbons), shoulder-length ringlets in hair, holding a watch or pencil cord between her fingers, possibly her bonnet resting on table, color applied to cheeks and lips, and painted in gold necklace. Preserver: [none]. Mat: Oval with sandy finish (late 1840s). Case: Paper-covered wood-frame embossed with "The Delicate Roses, Variant" design [Plate 123 reproduced on page 117 of "American Miniature Case Art" by Floyd and Marion Rinhart (Cranbury, New Jersey: A. S. Barnes and Co., Inc., 1969). Generally produced in large quantity (See page 187 for detailed background information about this design). The illustration shows the roses at the top. On case #111 the roses are on the bottom. Die-engraver: David Pretlove. See brief biographical sketch on page 201.] both front and back, with an eggplant velvet pinchpad and a red silk cushion (1845-1850).