Volume/Folder: Various blueprints and schematics (1921-1925, undated)

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Record Number: 5630
Folder: Flat File 17
Creator: Hallock-Greenewalt, Mary Elizabeth
Date of Original: 1921 - 1925
Original Format: Prints › Cyanotype › Blueprint
Image description: Blueprints and schematics for Mary Elizabeth Hallock Greenewalt's color organ, console, and light play machine.

Image details: (1) is Lense Arrangement for Color Control Screen; (2) is Sector Reflector; (3) is Rheostat Base of Light Player; (4) is Connections of Color Organ, Sesqui-Centennial Exposition; (5) is Diagram of Internal Connections for Light Player; (6) is Life Size Reflector; and (7) is Lamp Assembly.

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