Item: The Pope's Dream—a Roman Catholic America

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Record Number: 1368
Call number: XNB1 75-337
Collection: Balch Institute Broadsides [3213]
Box/Case: XNB1 75-337
Reproduction restrictions: Unknown
Artist: Keppler, Joseph Ferdinand, 1838-1894
Depicted: Leo XIII, Pope, 1810-1903
Lithographer: J. Ottman Lithographic Company
Publisher: Keppler & Schwarzmann
Repository: Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Date of Original: July 24 1889
Original Format: Clippings, chromolithographs, Political cartoons
Image description: In the cartoon Pope Leo XIII is sleeping next to his papal tiara and pastoral staff and is dreaming. In the dream, the Pope is sitting in a throne labeled "Presidential Chair" and is surrounded by a group of people who bow to him. Above the Pope there is a sign which reads "The Church First-The Country Afterwards." An assembly of people, depicted to look like Irishmen, has gathered around the Pope in order to receive their titles and positions in government.