Item: John Fritz

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Record Number: 6432
Box Number: WW
Reproduction restrictions: None
Depicts: John Fritz
Photographer: T. H. Newcomer
Date of View: circa 1848
View Format: Photograph › Daguerreotype
Dimensions: Dimensions of Image, 8.2 by 10.7 cm.
Dimensions of Image, 3 7/32 by 4 7/32 in.
Dimensions of Case, 9.1 by 11.6 by 2.0 cm.
Dimensions of Case, 3 19/32 by 4 9/16 by 13/16 in.
Inscription text: (pencil on paper): John Fritz / born Chester Co., Pa
Inscription location: Enclosed note
Inscription text: (embossed on velvet): T. H. NEWCOMER / 316 N. SECOND ST. PHILA.
Inscription location: Case cushion
Image description: Image: 1/4 plate; Seated man with hair parted on one side, pulled back and covering much of his ears, wearing a dark jacket with a high back collar, a dark vest, a light shirt with upturned collar, and a dark bow tie, holding a book or case in his hand, with color applied to his cheeks. Preserver: [none] (pre-1847). Mat: Double elliptical, with sandy finish (mid 1840-50). Case: Leather-covered wood-frame embossed with a floral design on the front only, with a red velvet pinchpad, and a red velvet cushion embossed with an eagle and the photographer's name and address (late 1840s).