Item: Woman wearing a hoop skirt tintype portrait, 1858

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Record Number: 6442
Box/Case: WW
Reproduction restrictions: None
Date of Original: circa 1858
Original Format: Photographs › Tintypes
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 6.8 by 8.2 cm
Dimensions of image, 2 11/16 by 3 7/32 in
Dimensions of case, 8.1 by 9.4 by 2.0 cm
Dimensions of case, 3 3/16 by 3 11/16 by 13/16 in
Image description: Image: 1/6 plate; Seated woman with hair parted in the center and falling to the shoulders at each side, with arm resting on cloth covered posing table and holding a book or case in her other hand on her lap, wearing a dark dress with a very full skirt that appears to fasten at the front of the bodice, with long, belled sleeves, a white collar and undersleeves, a brooch at her throat and gilded chain at her waist and two gilded rings on her fingers. Preserver: Straight but more ornate (1850s). Mat: Nonpariel with matte finish (mid 1840s to mid 1850s). Case: Paper-covered wood-frame embossed with a floral design both front and back, with a red velvet pinchpad and a red velvet cushion embossed with a floral design (1850-60s).