Item: Vauxhall Garden at northeast corner of Broad and Walnut Streets

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Record Number: 6470
Call number: K: 7-33
Artist: David Johnson Kennedy, 1816-1898
Address: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States
Date of Original: June 7 1820
Original Format: Drawings › Pencil
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 27.5 by 10.5 cm
Inscription text: (Front) Vauxhill Garden N.E. Corner of Broad & Walnut in 1820 (Back)Vauxhill Garden as it appeard on the [?] of the Balloon on Sept. 6, 1819. Find & Burst down same evening. The Gas gone out, and the outside audience very dissapointed threw stones at it over the fence and cut it, so it proved a failure in a Row. The boars and fence was 9 feet high whitewasher and about 3 inches deep along the top was pitched in order to keep down the boys & cubmen who climb up and look on the top Lot. put on Walnut St. to [?] & on Broad St. for Walnut & [?] 50 feet diameter with [?] Roof painted Lt. Green & [?] & vain on top--[Papoda?] strod about the centre of lot. No houses Chestnut St. [?] build up.
Inscription location: Front and Back
Image description: Pencil sketch of Vauxhall Garden at northeast corner of Broad and Walnut Streets.