Volume/Folder: Friedrich Adolf Lampe Wahrheits-Milch catechism, 1762 [Milk of Truth]

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Record Number: 6887
Collection: Abraham H. Cassel collection [1610]
Volume: 47
Publisher: Anton Armbruster
Was donated by: Abraham Harley Cassel, 1820-1908
Address: Philadelphia, PA
Date of Original: 1762
Original Format: Manuscripts, Printed Matter
Image description: This volume of catechism was intended to be used in educating children (in a school or otherwise) and was printed in Philadelphia by Anton Armbruster in 1762. It contains printed material (the catechism), which has been interspersed with handwritten notes. These notes appear to have been written by the book's owner, Johann Christoph Gobrecht, who must have been a school teacher. The notes all pertain to the teaching of the contents of the books, and are mostly reference to Bible books and verses that would further illuminate the contents of Warheits-Milch. The early pages of the book are notes entirely in Gorbrecht's handwriting, where he is keeping track of payments owed to him by students' families for his services. Some pages at the end of the book contain handwritten biographical information, although the purpose of these notes is not clear.