Item: Woman wearing white

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Record Number: 6931
Collection: Roberts family Photographs [3652]
Reproduction restrictions: None
Date of Original: circa 1908
Original Format: Transparencies › Glass transparencies › Screen color glass transparencies › Autochromes
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 12.6 by 16.7 cm
Dimensions of image, 4 31/32 by 6 9/16 cm
Dimensions of case, 17.3 by 22.6 by 3.3 cm
Dimensions of case, 6 13/16 by 8 7/8 by 1 3/8 in
Inscription text: (embossed and gilded on leather): NO. 1 / DIASCOPE / PAT. SEP.1.1908. / M'F'D. BY L.A. DUBERNET
Inscription location: Side of diascope
Image description: Image: autochrome plate; Woman standing outside beside flowers and evergreens wearing a long white dress belted at the waist, with long sleeves and a high whitework collar, with white shoes, holding a white parasol over one shoulder, with a stem of pink flowers in her hand, a flower covered hat on her head. Case: Diascope