Volume/Folder: Anweisung zum lessen fürs gantze Jahr (Instructions on What to Read for the Entire Year)

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Record Number: 6942
Collection: Abraham H. Cassel collection [1610]
Volume: 30
Was donated by: Abraham Harley Cassel, 1820-1908
Original Format: Manuscripts
Image description:

This undated Schwenkfeld pamphlet provides the reader with a list of religious texts and sections of the Bible to read throughout the year, from the first Sunday in Advent to the 27th Sunday after "Trinitatis." Each day is divided into three sections (early morning, before noon, and after noon) and each day's reading includes an assignment intended for children (Kinder Lehre). The sermons of Michael Hiller, Erasmus Weichenhans, and Johannes Werner are mentioned frequently.

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