Volume/Folder: Anmerckungen aus der Leichen-Rede des George Schultzen, Sr. March 23 1784 (Excerpts from a Speech at the Funeral of George Schultz Sr.), by Christoph Schultz

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Record Number: 6953
Collection: Abraham H. Cassel collection [1610]
Volume: 1
Was donated by: Abraham Harley Cassel, 1820-1908
Date of Original: circa 1784
Original Format: Manuscripts
Image description: This handwritten pamphlet is a eulogy or funeral speech given by a son after his father's death. George Schultz died suddenly, so many of the remarks in Christoph's speech emphasize the impermanence of life and the need to always be watching and waiting for God. There was a Schultz family who was prominent in the early Schwenkfeldian church in America, but there is not enough extant information to identify this George or Christoph Shultz as Schwenkfelders.