Volume/Folder: Kurtze Bekentnis des Glaubens (A Brief Affirmation of Faith), by Michael Hiller

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Record Number: 7013
Collection: Abraham H. Cassel collection [1610]
Volume: 36
Was donated by: Abraham Harley Cassel, 1820-1908
Original Format: Manuscripts
Image description:

This is an early creed of Schwenkfeldian beliefs which, although undated, would have been written during Hiller's lifetime in the early sixteenth century. This volume is a later copy made by Heindrich Dinger, whose name appears at the bottom of a page containing an address and foreword from the copier to the reader. The pages in this volume are numbered, although page nine is the first page, which contains the address to the reader from the copier. The missing pages are probably the title page and others with prefatory information.