Volume/Folder: Chronicon of the Ephrata Sisterhood (cloth bound)

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Record Number: 7206
Collection: Abraham H. Cassel collection [1610]
Volume: 7
Relates to: Ephrata Cloister
Was donated by: Abraham Harley Cassel, 1820-1908
Date of Original: 1745
Original Format: Manuscripts
Image description:

This volume is a cloth bound copy of the Chronicon of the Ephrata Sisterhood, which provides details of the lives of the brothers and sisters of the Ephrata Cloister. Daily schedules are described, as are clothing for winter and summer, the proscribed education and study of the Bible, the structure of the community, and the actions of various individuals. Pages 17-20 and 171-176 are missing from the cloth bound copy but present in the leather bound volume.