Item: Lit Brothers department store

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Record Number: 7296
Call number: V7:3560
Folder: 3560
Reproduction restrictions: Unknown
Address: 701 East Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA
Date of Original: October 1936
Original Format: Photographs › Black and white
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 25.6 by 20.7 cm
Image description: Photograph depicts crowd gathered in front of Lit Brothers department store. Lit Brothers was a department store based in Philadelphian, Pennsylvania opened by brothers Samuel and Jacob Lit in 1891. Lit Brothers expanded and grew popularity over the years under the brother’s supervision until it was sold in the late 1920s. Bankers Securities Corporation purchased the chain and soon merged the store into the City Stores Company. Subsequently, the Lit Brothers chain of stores was closed in 1977.