Item: The Old Custom House photograph, 1941

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Record Number: 1007
Call number: V7: 2261
Folder: 2261
Architect: William Strickland, 1788-1854
Photographer: H. Saltzman
Address: 5th and Sansom Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19106,
Date of Original: October 26 1941
Original Format: Photographs
Image description: (1) This photograph shows the rear exterior view of the old Custom House, also known as the Second Bank of the United States, from 5th and Sansom Street. Located at 420 Chestnut Street, the old Custom House was one of the historical buildings residents of Philadelphia sought to be saved and converted into a national park in the area surrounding Independence Hall.

(2) Depicts the back of the photograph. The caption reads "The old Custom House is a remarkable example of Greek architecture, but it is next to impossible to get a good view of it from the Sansom st. side, below 5th st. Residents of the 5th ward, in which these and other historic buildings are located, want the Federal Government to tear down the surrounding structures and transform the area into a national park."