Item: The Conflagration of the Masonic Hall print, 1819

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Record Number: 7541
Call number: Bc 83 M412
Artist: John Lewis Krimmel, 1786-1821
Address: Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA
Date of Original: March 9 1819
Reproduction Format: Print › Lithograph
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 50.5 by 70 cm
Image description: From original image caption: "The Conflagration of the Masonic Hall, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, which occurred on the Night of the 9th of March 1819. This plate is respectfully dedicated to the active and much esteemed Fire Engine and Hose Companies, by their obedient services. Published June 1819 by S. Kennedy & S.S. West, No. 72 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia." Painted by S. Jones; the figures by I. L. Krimmel; Engraved by J. Hill; Printed by Wm. H. Morgan; Published 1819 by S. Kennedy and S.S. West.