Item: Haverford Township Adult Recreation Program basketball game

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Record Number: 1023
Call number: V7: 1937-38
Folder: 1937-38
Address: Havertown , PA 19083,
Date of Original: August 27 1944
Original Format: Photographs
Inscription text: Basketball
Tom Carson shooting goal
Dick String
Carlo Vittorina
Gen. Fitzpatrick
Haverford High
Pa.-Haverford Township
Adult Recreation Program
Inscription location: Verso
Image description: (1) Photograph of young men engaging in a game of basketball during the hot summer months at Haverford High in the 1940s.

(2) Inscription of news clipping reads, "HOT WEATHER hasn’t wilted the enthusiasm for such a winter sport as basketball much to the delight of Steve Juenger, who is head coach of the sport. Several youths came from shore resorts each Friday in order to participate in league games such as the one above in which Tom Carson is shooting for the basket, while surrounded by Dick String, Carlo Vittorina and Gen. Fitzpatrick."