Item: Hiroshige II Japanese prints, "Rough Sketches of Japanese Geography"

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Record Number: 7800
Box/Case: 69
Relates to: Hartshorne, Ellen Sahlin
Original Format: Prints › Woodcuts
Image description: Woodblock prints made by Ukiyo-e artist Hiroshige II (1829-1869). The series title can be translated as "Rough Sketches of Japanese Geography." Some prints are numbered on the right-hand side, but not in a continuous run; the numbers run into the 70s but there are only 44 prints. These prints were found inside of Ellen Sahlin Hartshorne's guestbook, which was signed by her friends and visitors from 1914 to 1924. She traveled to Japan in early 1914 with her mother, Gertrude Chandler Sahlin, which is likely when she purchased the prints.