Item: William Trent journal and orderly book

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Record Number: 7962
Call number: Am .273
Collection: William Trent Fort Pitt journal [Am .273]
Page Number: 2-7, 47-50
Creator: Trent, William
Image description: This volume is a journal kept by William Trent at Fort Pitt describing frontier conditions and Indian attacks on white settlements. The first half of the volume is Trent's journal and details several attacks by various Native Americans. The second half of the volume is Trent's orderly book and includes notes include notes on court martials, orders to put out fires in rooms after a certain time, and marching instructions. (1) are pages 2 through 7 of Trent's journal; (2) are the first four pages of Trent's orderly book (labelled pages 50 through 47 in the bound volume).