Item: Engraving depicting William Penn's Treaty with the Indians

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Record Number: 8390
Box Number: 1
Page Number: 90
Depicts: Penn, William
Engraver: Illman & Sons
Original Format: Painting
Item Format: Engravings
Dimensions: Dimensions of case, 24.5 by 32 cm
Inscription text: William Penn's Treaty with the Indians. This Justly Celebrated Treaty, was Formed in the Year 1682; Under the Large Elm at Shackamaxon, now Kensington, Philadelphia How beautiful the scene portrayed above, A treaty, framed in Justice, Truth and Love! Our City's Founder and the peaceful "Friends" Stoop to no subterfuge, to gain their ends; While with unswerving confidence, around Their Indian brethren occupy the ground. This incident, a maxim may afford, And prove our PENN was "mightier than the sword."
Inscription location: on recto