Item: Battle of the Thames and the Death of Tecumseh

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Record Number: 8511
Call number: Bc 523 T366
Depicts: Tecumseh, Shawnee Chief
Lithographer: Thomas Sinclair
Address: 97 South 3rd Street
Philadelphia PA
Date of View: October 5 1813
View Format: Album
Dimensions: Dimensions of Case, 62 by 37 cm.
Image description:

Artistic rendering of the Battle of the Thames, a pivotal American victory during the War of 1812. Includes depictions of General Cass, Major O'Fallon, Governor Shelby, Colonel Todd, General Harrison, Commodore Perry, James Johnson, Colonel R.M Johnson, and the Indian Chief Tecumseh.

The Battle of the Thames occurred on October 5, 1813, along the Thames River, not far from Moraviantown (near present day Thamesville, Ontario).  Comprised mainly of Kentucky militia, General William Henry Harrison's forces outnumbered the British and Indian forces nearly three to one.  The resulting American victory secured the Northwest frontier for the remainder of the war.  Among the casualties was the Shawnee Chief Tecumshe.  Shortly after his death, alliances he built between the Indian tribes quickly dissolved.