Item: A Boxing Match, or Another Bloody Nose for John Bull

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Record Number: 8532
Call number: Bb 612 B691
Artist: William Charles
Date of View: 1812
View Format: Engraving
Dimensions: Dimensions of Image, 44 by 29 cm.
Inscription text: Stop, Stop Stop Brother Jonathan, or I shall fall with the loss of blood - I thought to have been too heavy for you - But I must acknowledge your superior skill - Two blows to my one! - And so well directed too! Mercy, mercy on me, how does this happen!!!
Inscription location: on recto, top left-hand corner
Inscription text: Ha-Ah Johnny! you thought yourself a Boxer did you! I'll let you know we are an Enterprizeing [Enterprising] Nation and ready to meet you with equal force any day.
Inscription location: on recto, top rind-hand corner
Image description:

Political cartoon by William Charles concerning the War of 1812.  Philadelphian William Charles' political caricatures were widespread during this era and praised for their sense of rough humor.  His cartoons commonly offered both praise and criticism of American military and political figures.