Volume/Folder: Patrick Stanton records photographs

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Record Number: 8769
Collection: Patrick Stanton photographs [PG108]
Box Number: 13
Folder Number: 3
Page Number: 108/223; 108/220
Depicts: Stanton, Patrick
Image description:

Patrick Stanton (1907-1976) was a radio broadcaster in Philadelphia and one of the most prominent Irish-Americans in the city. He was best known for his work in radio and was one of the broadcast pioneers.

(1) is photograph taken in 1912 of Patrick Stanton as a young boy; (2) is photograph of Patrick Stanton riding an elephant through the streets of Philadelphia; (3) is Stanton's signed headshot; (4) shows Stanton giving an WJMJ award to Don Heller; (5) depicts a WJMJ billboard; (6) shows Stanton standing behind a WDAS microphone; (7) depicts Stanton with two singers, Wayne Taylor and John Swann.