Volume/Folder: Patrick Stanton records photographs

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Record Number: 8769
Collection: Patrick Stanton photographs [PG108]
Box Number: 13
Folder Number: 3
Page Number: 108/223; 108/220
Depicts: Stanton, Patrick
Date of Original: 1912
Original Format: Photograph › Albumen, Photograph › Black and white
Dimensions: Dimensions of case, 10 by 16 cm
Dimensions of case, 20 by 25 cm
Dimensions of image, 20.2 by 25.4 cm
Dimensions of image, 20.6 by 25.5 cm
Dimensions of image, 17.5 by 12.6 cm
Dimensions of image, 20.4 by 25.4 cm
Dimensions of image, 20.7 by 25.4 cm
Image description:

Patrick Stanton (1907-1976) was a radio broadcaster in Philadelphia and one of the most prominent Irish-Americans in the city. He was best known for his work in radio and was one of the broadcast pioneers.

(1) is photograph taken in 1912 of Patrick Stanton as a young boy; (2) is photograph of Patrick Stanton riding an elephant through the streets of Philadelphia; (3) is Stanton's signed headshot; (4) shows Stanton giving an WJMJ award to Don Heller; (5) depicts a WJMJ billboard; (6) shows Stanton standing behind a WDAS microphone; (7) depicts Stanton with two singers, Wayne Taylor and John Swann.