Volume/Folder: Artzney und Kunst ist all umsunst ohn Gottes Gunst, 1695 [Medicine and Art is All in Vain Without the Favor of God]

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Record Number: 8801
Volume: 3
Author: Francis Daniel Pastorius, 1651-c. 1720
Date of Original: 1695
Original Format: Manuscripts
Image description: Artzney[sic] und Kunst - ist all umsunst[sic] ohn[sic] Gottes Gunst (1695) is the first title given to a book of medical advice, which includes descriptions of ailments and their treatments as taken from various sources of medical knowledge. After a brief section of general notes on health (using leeches, information on the humors, the planets and their influence on health, etc.), there is a second title page with the title Medicus Difectus Medicamina delecta. Das ist Auserlesene Artzneymittel, deren Ingredientia in Pennsilvanien und dergleichen ne├╝begonnenen Colonien zu bekommen sind. Vor sich und seinen Nechsten aus verscheidenen Authoren zusamm getragen von Franc. Daniele Pastorio, Anno 1695. In this section, Pastorius collected information that would be relevant to the people of Pennsylvania, based on what ailments they were likely to contract and which cures were available to them. After the second title page, the book is divided into chapters. The first chapter is about health in general, but the others focus on specific symptoms like fever, headache, trouble sleeping, deafness, etc. This book is in German and English, as the contents are taken from German and English sources. Pastorius includes a bibliography and labels each section with the work from which it was taken. Sources include Robert Boyle's Medicinal Experiments, William Mather's Young Man's Companion, Johann Tallat's Artzney B├╝chlein, and the writings of Martin Schmuck, Nicholas Culpeper, and Christopher Wirsung.

A small section near the end of the book is flipped in the physical volume, but has been rotated for viewing.