Item: Liber intimissimus omnium semper mecum, 1697 [The Most Intimate Book of All Which is Always with Me]

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Record Number: 8826
Volume: 4
Creator: Pastorius, Melchior Adam
Relates to: Francis Daniel Pastorius, 1651-c. 1720
Date of Original: 1697 - 1701
Original Format: Manuscripts
Image description: The most intimate book of all [which is] always with me was written by Melchior Adam Pastorius (1624-1702), the father of Germantown founder, Francis Daniel Pastorius (1651-1720). Melchior Pastorius began writing this volume in 1697 and finished in 1701. This commonplace book contains poetry, snippets of text important to Melchior Pastorius, and musings on faith. Inserted throughout the book are engravings of religious images made by Zacharias Wehrlin. The text itself is German and Latin, written in red and black ink. The first part of the book contains anagrams and poems about Jesus and his life, often with lines and anagrams repeated in different poems. The second part contains sections of other writings which Melchior Pastorius thought important, including the work of Martin Luther. The third part contains musings and quotations about God's love and the rightness of Christian life (using allusions to Aesop and the heathen life that came before). The fourth part is about death and mortality, and the fifth is a personal religious creed followed by assorted short writings and pages left blank. The end of the volume contains an alphabetical index and a list of books, mostly likely those owned by Melchior Pastorius.
Pages 268-372 are blank and were omitted during digitization.