Item: Alvearialia

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Record Number: 8845
Volume: 9
Author: Francis Daniel Pastorius, 1651-c. 1720
Original Format: Manuscripts
Inscription text: Alvearialia
Inscription location: Front cover
Image description:

"Alvearialia" is, a volume written by Francis Daniel Pastorius. In his words, this volume is "[o]f such phrases and sentences which in haste were booked down here, before I had time to carry them to their respective proper places in my English-Folio-Bee-Hive." This undated volume contains quotations and lengthy excerpts from books and other texts that he found important, including Nicholas Culpeper's The English Physitian, Poor Robin's Almanac, various writings by William Penn, Letters Writ by a Turkish Spy, Reginald Scot's Discoverie of Witchcraft and other works by important naturalists, scientists, and writers of the seventeenth century. While there are some full passages, most of the references to his sources are phrases or summaries of content. Pastorius claims that he pulled these parts from his source materials as "ingredients for a phraseology." The book itself is made of many small gatherings of various sizes bound together into one volume.