Item: The John Hopkins Hospital Training School for Nurses Edith Madeira diploma, 1900

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Record Number: 8853
Collection: Edith Madeira papers [2053]
Relates to: Madeira, Edith, American Red Cross
Date of Original: June 2 1900
Original Format: Certificates › Diplomas
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 44 by 36 cm
Image description: Edith Madeira's nursing diploma, which was given to her by William Osler, the Physician in Chief, N. Haldred, Surgeon in Chief, H.A. Kelly, Gynecologist in Chief, M. Dixon, President Board of Trustees, Hsung M. Hund, Superintendent of Hospital, and M.I. Clutting, Superintendent of Nurses and Principal of Training School, on behalf of the John Hopkins Hospital.
In 1900, Madeira obtained a nursing degree from John Hopkins Hospital Training School in Baltimore, Maryland. She served as a nurse superintendent for Howard Hospital in Philadelphia and Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, New Jersey. Madeira also served as a public health nurse and was superintendent of the Visiting Nurse Association in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and Waterbury, Connecticut.
Madeira especially distinguished herself During World War I. When the war broke out, she volunteered for the American Red Cross Commission to Palestine. As the British repelled the Turkish occupation of the Middle East, the American Red Cross provided medical assistance. As contributions for aiding Palestine continued after the war, she became the chief nurse of the commission and served from June 1918 to January 1919.