Item: Commonplace book

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Record Number: 8864
Volume: 10
Author: Francis Daniel Pastorius, 1651-c. 1720
Image description:

The first part of the undated commonplace book is draft for a German dictionary (from Aal to Zwingen) which takes up the majority of the book, over 400 pages. Entries are written within pre-drawn boxes on the page, with many of the boxes still blank. After the dictionary, Pastorius fills the book with drafts of other kinds and snippets of text. This includes compliments, jokes, religious poetry, a draft of a foreword to the reader, and notes on philosophy. This volume also includes a copy of the lease agreement involving Thomas von Wylich, Johannes de BrĂ¼n, and Ennicke Klostermanns, which is also found in Res propriae.

Pages 470-492 are blank and were omitted during digitization.