Item: Lex Pennsylvaniensis in compendium redacta

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Record Number: 8871
Volume: 11
Creator: Francis Daniel Pastorius, 1651-c. 1720
Date of Original: circa 1690
Image description:

"Lex Pennsylvaniensis in compendium redacta: h.e. The Great Law of Pennsylvania abridged for the particular use of Francis Daniel Pastorius" is undated. This volume begins with an index of legal subjects ("Goats," "Lying," "Orphans," "Publication of laws," etc.) which are numbered and correspond to a following table of laws and statutes. This table also includes fees for various legal and judicial services and begins at number 20, so there is some material missing. Following this table are the two main sections of the book. The first section is a copy of the charter of Germantown itself, and the second is Gesetz, Ordnungen, und Statuta der Gemeind zu Germantown (Laws, regulations, and statutes for the municipality of Germantown).The charter lays out the guidelines and regulations for the self-governance of Germantown, allowing it to have corporate and political autonomy. The second section in this book details the election of public officials, taxes, and government hierarchy. It was apparently a draft, as Pastorius crossed out many of the proposed regulations. This item contains the original of a volume that also exists as a Photostat copy in the Abraham H. Cassel collection (Collection 1610). This version differs slightly from the later copy, however, as the item in the Cassel collection does not include the table of laws found at the beginning of the volume.