Item: The black phalanx: a history of the Negro soldiers of the United States in the wars of 1775-1812, 1861-'65

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Record Number: 8898
Call number: Tw .314
Page: 498
Author: Wilson, Joseph T. (Joseph Thomas), 1836-1891
Address: American Publishing Company
Hartford, CT
Date of Original: 1861 - 1865
Original Format: Illustrations
Reproduction Format: Printed Matter
Inscription text: This negro being a good marksman was induced by the confederates to become a sharpshooter for them, and greatly annoyed the Union pickets before Yorktown by firing upon them from trees, in the branches of which he would perch himself at early morning and remain there through the day, shooting at such Union soldiers as happened come within his range. His hiding place was finally discovered, however, and after refusing to surrender, thinking himself safe, he was brought down by a bullet through his head.
Inscription location: Caption below illustration
Image description:

(1) is "Union Soldiers Before Yorktown Bringing Down a Southern Ally" (illustration from page 498).