Item: Johannes Kelpius, Bernhard Kasten, Johann Gottfried Seelig and others compilation hymnal, 1707-1772

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Record Number: 8913
Creator: Johannes Kelpius, 1667-1708
Date of Original: 1707 - 1772
Original Format: Manuscripts
Image description: This collection contains one volume, a compilation of handwritten German hymns without sheet music. It contains a note from Samuel Pennypacker that describes the discovery and identification of the volume in 1894. The hymns in this volume were written by Johannes Kelpius, Bernhard Kasten, Johann Gottfried Seelig, and other unknown authors. Nineteen of the hymns written or compiled by Kelpius, seven of which are complete, two partial, and only titles are provided for the rest. There are also thirteen hymns by Bernhard Kasten and four by Johann Gottfried Seelig. This volume is the only extant Seelig manuscript (or as Pennypacker states, the only one "which the ravages of time have spared"). In 1772 an unknown writer added the last hymn in the volume.
The dates of this volume are difficult to pin down. Dates on the (modern) binding are 1694-1707. An old cataloging slip with the volume's titles contains the dates 1673-1708. Pennypacker's note dates the earliest hymns to 1707 and the latest to 1772.