Item: Francis Daniel Pastorius manuscript documents and correspondence, 1683-1721

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Record Number: 8917
Volume: 2
Creator: Francis Daniel Pastorius, 1651-c. 1720
Date of Original: 1683 - 1721
Original Format: Manuscripts
Image description: These manuscripts (1683-1721) include copies of original letters and documents copied by Pastorius, as well as the marriage certificate of his son, Henry Pastorius, and Sarah Boutcher dated February 7, 1721. The contents of the letters date from 1683 to 1714. These are mostly legal documents relating to Pastorius's role as representative of the Frankfort Company. The earliest item is a copy of his original letter of attorney from the members of the Frankfort Company, to which is added his later request to be relieved of his duties and the responses of a few company members. Later documents contain information about the process by which he stepped down from his role as company representative and the actions of his replacements (which include a feud between Jawert and Falkner). This folder also includes extensive documentation of Johann Heinrich Sprögel's "Writ of Ejectment," which resulted in company members losing their land holdings.