Item: Romanian children and adults wearing costumes and traditional dress photographs, 1907-1925

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Record Number: 8999
Relates to: Societatea Banateana-Vasile Alecsandri
Date of Original: circa 1907 - 1925
Original Format: Photographs
Dimensions: Dimensions of frame, 22 by 28.2 cm
Dimensions of frame, 32.2 by 26.6 cm
Dimensions of frame, 27.4 by 22.4 cm
Dimensions of frame, 28 by 22.8 cm
Dimensions of frame, 27.3 by 22.4 cm
Image description: Framed photos of Romanian children and adults in various costumes and traditional dress.

(1) George Magdin family photographs. Upper left: Florence Magdin, wife of George Magdin. Upper right: George ("Geddje") Magdin. Bottom: Eva Magdin Kreal, daughter of Florence and George Magdin.

The costumes worn by Florence and George Magdin are housed in the society's museum collection in a large showcase display. George Magdin was the president of Societatea Banateana-Vasile Alecsandri when the parish Descent of the Holy Spirit moved to Elkins Park in 1965. (His father Nicolae Magdin had been a founding father of this parish as well as of the society). Societatea Banateana-Vasile Alecsandri was the largest single benefactor to the new building fund of the parish which it had helped establish in 1913.

(2) Earliest known photograph of Romanian immigrants in Philadelphia, 1907, depicting members of Societatea Banateana dressed in various folk costumes for parts in a Romanian theatrical production. These early Romanian immigrants were especially fond of staging amateur Romanian folk plays, choral singing--both secular and religious--and public dances such as the "Caluseriul"/"Calusariul", a men's dance similar to English Morris dancing.

(3) Romanian-American children dressed in Romanian folk costumes for Christmas theatrical folk plays "Trei Crai de la Rasarit" (The Three Kings of the East) and "Irozii" (Herod and the Innocents). Circa 1925.

(4) Group of Romanian-American children in theater costumes for Christmas folk plays "Trei Crai de la Rasarit" (The Three Kings of the East) and "Irozii" (Herod and the Innocents). The older gentleman is Nicolae Magdin, founder of Societatea Banateana as well as a founding member of Philadelphia's first Romanian Orthodox parish, Descent of the Holy Spirit. Circa 1925.

(5) Group of young Romanian-American Calusarii dancers dressed in traditional attire for dancing the male patriotic folk dance Caluseriul/Calusariul. Circa 1925.