Item: Advertisement, Hiram Walker's Ten High Whiskey

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Record Number: 9201
Box Number: 1
View Format: Printed Matter
Dimensions: Dimensions of Image, 26 by 35.5 cm.
Image description:

Advertisement for Hiram Walker's Ten High Straight Whiskey featuring two men, one Caucasian and one dressed so as to appear to be a stereotypical African tribesman. He holds a shield and staff; he wears an animal print loincloth, oversize earrings and a ring through his nose.  In the second panel the African man is driving a convertible car, and we see he has a large plumes of black hair and white horns on either side of his head. The copy indicates the two men are cousins, and in the last panel the "African" is revealed to be a Caucasian man in blackface.