Volume/Folder: World War I [Leonard Covello Photo Group]

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Record Number: 9210
Box Number: 10
Folder Number: 1
Page Number: 1-48
Creator: Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies
Relates to: Leonard Covello, 1887-1982
Date of View: 1917 - 1920
View Format: Photograph,Ephemera › Postcard
Image description:

Contains assorted photographs and postcards. Photographs include images of Covello's time spent as a volunteer in the Farm Cadet Bureau in 1917. There are also photographs from his time spent in France as an interpreter. There are postcards signed from Covello in both English and in French, as well as some that were unsent.  One particular postcard from his time at Farm Cadet Camp depicts Milton, Ontario in war times. On the card Covello writes, "Stirring times - It's hard to keep from enlisting."