Volume/Folder: Circolo Italiano at Clinton [Leonard Covello Photo Group]

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Record Number: 9213
Box Number: 10
Folder Number: 1
Page Number: 49-54
Creator: Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies
Relates to: Leonard Covello, 1887-1982
Date of View: 1914 - 1934
View Format: Photograph
Image description:

Photos from DeWitt Clinton High School (New York City), where Covello served as a French teacher from 1913-1917, as head of the Italian Language from 1922-1926, and as First Assistant in Modern Languages from 1926-1934. These photo depict Il Circolo Italiano, a school club established in 1914 by Covello that combined social service, recreational, and cultural activities within the Italian immigrant community. The images also include a postcard showing the club's members.