Item: Advertisement, Cream of Wheat

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Record Number: 9083
Box Number: 1
Relates to: Saturday Evening Post
Date of View: June 27 1914
View Format: Printed Matter
Dimensions: Dimensions of Case, 27 by 35.5 cm.
Inscription text: S. L. Newnham 3639 13th St. NW Washington D C. 29-
Inscription location: Verso top right, sticker
Inscription text: B5.252
Inscription location: Verso, bottom left
Image description:

The adverstisement is from the June 27, 1914 issue of the Saturday Evening Post.  The image was painted by Edward V. Brewer specifically for the Cream of Wheat Company.  It features an African American man in chef whites weighing a baby slung in a red kerchief while the mother looks on approvingly.  He tells her, "Dat Cream of Wheat done shore make him grow, Missy."   A bowl labeled "Cream of Wheat" rests on the table between them.