Volume/Folder: Philadelphia--Hospitals--Byberry--Hospital for Mental Diseases--1934-1940

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Record Number: 9240
Call number: V7:2787
Folder Number: 2787
Relates to: Philadelphia Hospital for Mental Diseases
Image description:

Assorted photographs of the patients and facilities at Byberry Hospital for Mental Diseases.

(1) is undated photograph of children in cottage 4;
(2) is photograph of beds in one of the wings at Byberry;
(3) is photograph from the 1930s showing Governor Earle signing the bill that transferred Byberry to the State. From left to right: Dr. Camilla Anderson, Dr. Frederick H. Allen, Rep. Paul Lewis, State Director of Welfare Engard, and Senator Shapiro;
(4) is photograph from the children's ward dated December 24, 1934.
(5) is photograph dated July 22, 1938 showing overcrowding in one of the wings at Byberry;
(6) is photograph dated March 14, 1939 showing Vincent Lopez and his orchestra during a program of swing music therapy;
(7) is photograph dated January 1941 of groundbreaking ceremonies for a new 400-bed dormitory;
(8) is undated photograph of the old dining room at Byberry;
(9) is undated photograph of one of the overcrowded dormitories.