Item: Advertisement, Hitler works both sides of the street, Young & Rubicam Inc.

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Record Number: 9322
Box/Case: 1
Date of Original: 1943
Original Format: Printed Matter
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 26 by 32.5 cm
Inscription text: 42
Inscription location: Recto, bottom right
Image description:

Advertisement from Young & Rubicam, Inc. warning against the dangers of spreading rumors during World War II, even when victory is certain. The illustration features two Hitlers popping out of manhole covers on two sides of a street. On the far side he is angry, shaking his fist at cowering citizens. On the near side, he is wringing his hands and crying in front of jubilant citizens. Upon hearing something a Rumor-Warden will ask the following:

1. Will it hurt morale?

2. Does it make you distrust your government, business, or labor?

3. Does such a rumor tend to discredit our Allies?

4. Who would benefit most by spreading this rumor, our enemies or the United States?

5. Is this story designed to breed over-confidence?

The advertisement was illustrated by Carl Rose.