Volume/Folder: Adam Boyd Hamilton research notes on Fries' Rebellion, circa 1844

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Record Number: 9465
Folder: Fries, John
Relates to: John Fries, ca. 1750-1818
Date of Original: 1844
Original Format: Manuscripts
Image description: Manuscript notes on Fries' Rebellion, also known as the Home Tax Rebellion and House Tax Rebellion, of 1799-1800. Led by Pennsylvania auctioneer John Fries, Fries' Rebellion was an insurrection of Pennsylvania Dutch farmers in response to new taxes levied on slaves and real estate to assist with the enlargement of the army and navy. Includes Alexander Boyd Hamilton's notes on Fries' Rebellion, as taken from interviews from interviews with witnesses circa 1844.

The documents are held in the alphabetical portion of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania Miscellaneous collection under "Fries, John."