Item: Advertisement Quaker Oats, Five happy Quakers are we!

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Record Number: 9763
Box/Case: 2
Date of Original: circa 1895
Original Format: Printed Matter
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 15.5 by 22.5 cm
Inscription text: 43-6 11/95
Inscription location: Verso, top left
Image description:

Advertisement for Quaker Rolled Oats featuring an image of five Quaker men standing in a line, each holding a scroll labeled "PURE" in their left hands. The men are identical except for the first man who also holds a package of Quaker Rolled Oats in his right hand. The image is accompanied by a limerick:

Five happy Quakers are we!
As healthy as healthy can be;
Quaker Oats is our diet--
And if thee would try it
Thee would surely be happy as we.