Item: Advertisement, Sanka Coffee, Am I go forward--or am I go back?

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Record Number: 9805
Box/Case: 2
Date of Original: September 29 1945
Original Format: Printed Matter
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 26.5 by 35 cm
Image description:

Advertisement for Sanka Coffee featuring the comic-strip story of "Ling Lu" a Chinese laundry worker who works his way into being a white woman's chef by telling her about decaffeinated Sanka Coffee. Ling's narration is written in an accented style, "So lady all time drink Sanka Coffee--sleep like wall of China. I cook. She smile-- I smile. Then lady gets pretty China girl laundress. Now again I laundry- help pretty one in spare time. No pay. Could be destiny?" The Chinese girl is shown three times, once sitting on a washing machine as Ling irons, once watching him cook, and finally, hanging laundry with Ling.