Volume/Folder: Portraits [Leonard Covello Photo Group]

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Record Number: 9864
Box Number: 12
Folder Number: 17
Page Number: 938-1019
Creator: Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies
Depicts: Leonard Covello, 1887-1982, Vito Marcantonio, Guido D'Agostino, Mae West, Augusto Rodriguez, Joseph Monserrat, Salvatore R. Cutolo, John P. Lomenzo
View Format: Photograph,Ephemera › Postcard
Image description: Folder contains photographs of Leonard Covello's collection of portraits. Photographs 938-945 are of Covello from the years 1918-1978, no formal portraits are included. Photographs 946-953 are of Vito Marcantonio. Photographs 954-1019 are an assortment of portraits of people Covello met and/or corresponded with.