A.P. Critchlow & Co.

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1853 - 1857
A.P. CRITCHLOW & CO., / Manufacturers of / Daguerreotype Cases. / A.P.C. & CO. / Are the Original Inventors of the / Composition for the Union Case, / (so called,) including all the various shades / of color and fineness of texture pecu- / liar to their manufacture and of the / Embracing Riveted Hinges, thus / securing them from breaking out / as do others that are inserted / with or without a / metal brace. / Hinge Patented / Oct. 14, 1856, and April 21, 1857. From "Nineteenth Century Photographic Cases and Wall Frames (2nd ed.)" by Paul K. Berg, p.20: A.P. Critchlow and Company located in Florence, CT in 1853., CT Critchlow independently invented a process for manufacturing thermoplastic cases under the name Florence Compound. In 1856 the company is also located in North Hampton, MA. 157 - sells out his sole interest in the company and it reorganizes as Littlefield, Parsons & Co.
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