A Group of Angels charcoal drawing

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This undated charcoal drawing depicts three angels clustered around the center of the composition.

This drawing is one of a small collection of drawings created by American-born artist Benjamin West (1738-1820) during his career in London (circa 1765-circa 1819).
A Group of Angels - a Study
Benjamin West [title, subtitle, and artist's signature in ink]

270 Group of Angels : a Study, 12 1/8in. by 11in., charcoal, mounted, 15/-   s. b.
Looking apparently towards the throne of the Almighty two of the cherubs are in attitudes of prayer, whilst another in the background has no part visible but the head.
[printed label]
Width: 28 cm, Height: 31.5 cm (image)
Width: 37.5 cm, Height: 41 cm (frame)
Benjamin West Drawings
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Benjamin West, 1730-1813 (artist)