Hector Parting with his Wife and Child at Scoean Gate

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This study depicts a scene from Book 6 of the Illiad. Hector and his wife Andromache are depicting standing and leaning towards their son, Astyanax, who looks away from them in the hands of his nurse. This drawing is undated, but was likely executed during Thomas Newton's tenure as Bishop of Bristol from 1761 to 1782. The provenance of the finished painting is unknown, yet West portrayed this scene multiple times throughout his career.

This drawing is one of a small collection of drawings created by American-born artist Benjamin West (1738-1820) during his career in London (circa 1765-circa 1819).
Hector Parting with his Wife and Child at Scoean Gate.
A Sketch for the Picture which was painted for Dr. Newton, Bishop of Bristol
Benjamin West [title, subtitle, and artist's signature in ink]

 280 Hector parting with his wife and Child at Scoean Gate ;
a sketch for the picture for Dr. Newton, Bishop of Bristol, 12 1/2 in. by 9in., charcoal and pen-and-ink on a slate grey ground, with border of black and brown lines, cardboard mount, 15/-   s. b.
The impression portrayed is unpronounced and faint, the two principal figures being little more than outlined ; only the nurse and child stand out distinctly, and but for their presence, this would have little of the artist's usual characteristics.
[printed label]
Charcoal; Pen works
Width: 23 cm, Height: 32.5 cm (image)
Width: 36.5 cm, Height: 45.5 cm (frame)
Benjamin West Drawings
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Benjamin West, 1730-1813 (artist)