Elements of Drawing, 1821

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Full Title: "Elements of Drawing, in a series of examples, extracted from pictures painted by, and in the gallery of, Benjamin West Esq."

This volume is an instructional drawing book concentrating on the human figure. It contains a brief introduction with guidelines for drawing and a series of plates. Each plate focuses on one aspect of the figure. The engravings on the plates were executed by Edward Scriven and taken from paintings by Benjamin West. 

Scriven made the engravings when he was Historical Engraver to the Prince of Wales, a position he held between 1802 and 1820. When George IV became King of England, Scriven became Historical Engraver to the King. Benjamin West had also received royal patronage, becoming historical painter to the King under George III in 1772 and from 1791 until his death, he became Surveyor of the King's Pictures. This volume was published once Scriven took over the job of historical art a year after West's death.
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