The First Association of Spiritualists of Philadelphia constitution, 1867-1880

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January 3 1880
December 1879
September 19 1867
August 19 1867
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Th constitution of The First Association of Spiritualists of Philadelphia, which initially met in January 1852, making it one of the oldest Spiritualist associations in the world. In 1865, the Spiritualists held their National Convention in Philadelphia. The central theme of the convention was to review the proper setup of the Spiritualists network. The association held most of its early meetings and services in numerous halls around Philadelphia. One in particular came to be known as Harmonial Hall. In 1901, the association purchased a building at 12th and Thompson Streets and dedicated it as the Temple of the First Association of Spiritualists. In 1902, the association held its Golden Jubilee to commemorate the first meetings. In recognition of this achievement, the association received greetings from the President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, and was given the privilege of planting a tree in Independence Square just outside of Independence Hall.

This constitution details the legal and financial organization of the First Association of Spiritualists of Philadelphia. It also names the first board of trustees: J.L. Pierce, M.D.; M.D. Marmaduke Moore; William White, M.D.; Henry T. Child, M.D.; J. Smith Harris; Isaac Rhen; M.B. Lyott; George Ballenger; E.E. Barclay; Adam Ashburner; A.B. Justice; P.L. Tomson; L.B. Mench; Louis Belrose; and James Shumway.

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