• Journal C of the UGRR in Phila. kept by William Still [Image 1]

Journal C of the Underground Railroad in Philadelphia kept by William Still : containing notices of arrivals of fugitive slaves in Philadelphia with descriptions of their flight, 1852-1857

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AmS .232
1852 – 1857
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Chairman of the Vigilance Committee (part of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society), William Still assisted fugitive slaves as they were secretly shuttled into Philadelphia in the mid-1800s. From 1852 to 1857, Still kept a journal describing his encounters with the slaves in painstaking detail, recording their names, physical characteristics, personalities, and other details. Still's meticulous entries offer unique insight into the secretive network known as the Underground Railroad. The journal, which is owned by the Pennsylvania Abolition Society, was deposited at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in the 1920s.
Physical details: The journal has penciled-in page numbers on the top right-side page only.  They are mis-numbered between page 253 and 257 (no 255), as well as between 291 and 293 (extra page marked 29-).  At page 315, the numbering changes from even numbers to odd numbers.  Image #166 marks where the writing stopped being written from the front of the book and began being written from the back of the book and therefore upside-down.  These pages have been re-oriented to be upright and re-ordered to be read in the correct order.  Images 202 through 208 are loose items from the book.
Width: 16.7 cm, Height: 20.1 cm
Historical Society of Pennsylvania Treasures Collection
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William Still, 1821-1902 (author)
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Still, William, 1821-1902 [info:lc/authorities/names/n50011351]
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