Child, postmortem daguerreotype, 1854

Permanent ID:
circa 1854
Image Description:
Image: 1/6 plate; Face of a young child postmortem with hair combed up and over at the forehead in a high puff, with color applied to his or her cheeks. Preserver: Straight, narrow, embossed with simple pattern (after 1850). Mat: Oval with matte finish and simple embossed design (1850). Case: Leather-covered wood-frame embossed with a floral design on the front and a geometric design on the back, with a red velvet pinchpad and an eggplant purple colored cushion (1850s).
(embossed): McCLEES & GERMON / PHILA (Bottom of mat)
Width: 8.2 cm, Height: 7 cm (image)
Width: 3 7/32 in, Height: 2 3/4 in (image)
Width: 8 cm, Height: 9.3 cm, Depth: 1.8 cm (case)
Width: 3 1/8 in, Height: 3 19/32 in, Depth: 23/32 in (case)
Historical Society of Pennsylvania cased photographs collection
Related Person or Organization:
McClees & Germon (photographer)
Library of Congress Subjects:
Photography of children [sh85101337]
Postmortem photography [sh91006353]
Daguerreotype [sh85035408]